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Gracie Jui Jitsu Knife Defense

This is a good knife defense video.  It takes about half the video to get to it though.  I think they were on vacation or something, but the technique is worth watching the vacation footage… Or you can just scroll half way through like I did.


Fighter Work Out

Before I say anything else… legally… ahem… This is not medical advice.  It is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.  I am not liable for what you do with this exercise routine.  Use at your own risk.  Always consult a doctor before starting a work out routine.  If you ever feel that you are hurting yourself STOP!  Rest, cool off, get some water, and don’t over exert yourself.  Seek medical help immediately if you think you have injured yourself in any way.

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On to the lesson.

This is my basic work out routine.  I try to do a solid hour a day or two 30 minute sessions a day.  If I’m really pressed for time I’ll do something like four 15 minute session or some other break down.  I usually always work out when I wake up and/or before I go to bed.   I no longer jog because I realized 30 minutes of martial arts shadow boxing or punching a bag burns more calories than an hour running.  Every day I do some Martial Arts training even if it’s not my focus.



I always practice striking, kicking, and blocking.  Sometimes just in sequence, sometimes in combos.  I usually do this while bouncing on the balls of my feet so I get more cardio benefits from it.  It’s also good training for sparring.  Occasionally I will practice a traditional kata (form).   On days I focus on cardio I do this exclusively.  Typically in sequence I will try to do every technique to exhaustion.  I do at least 50 phr arm or leg.  I do 20 on a day when I focus on strength training.

I’ll start teaching techniques in another post later.  Hopefully I can get some videos made and provide some pix for you.  I’m new to making tutorials, so no promises, but I’ll try.  I’ve got a friend who I’m training with now, so hopefully we can get you some good stuff.

When I’m bored I mix it up with take downs, ground fighting, grappling, which is really hard to do alone, so I usually only practice these when I’m working out with a friend.  You can practice alone if you know what you’re doing.

Every now and then I will practice with weapons, mostly knife fighting and stick fighting like with escrimas or a bo.  I also train with nunchucks (mostly for the fitness bennefits… it’s good cardio but absolutely useless in a real fight situation unless the opponent is unarmed and you just happen to be carrying nunchucks).  I don’t own any other weapons… yet… eventually I’d like to learn how to use sais, kamas, and swords.  I do have throwing knives, darts, and stars, but that’s really more for fun than exercise.

Basically I schedule my workouts like this:

Every day but Sunday:

– Warm Ups and Stretches 10 min (I’ll go into detail in another post… this is too important to not devote a full post to)

NOTE: The following are done to exhaustion and in as many different ways as possible.

– Push ups

– Sit ups/Crunches

– Leg lifts

– Pull ups

– Leg Lifts in the air while on pull up bars

Every now and then I mix it up with some more complex body weight resistance exercises, jumping exercises, resistance aerobics, or (God forbid) jogging or running… and when the weather’s good on a Sunday… walking.


– Rest and focus on learning new skills by reading

– Focus on meditation, breathing, Chi exercises (Also requires a post of its own!)

– If I do work out I focus on flexibly and stretching

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

Shadow Boxing and Bag Training.  I execute every strike, kick, block and technique I know as quickly and explosively as I can keeping proper form to exhaustion.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday:

Strength Training.  I’m not going to go into details on what exercises I do here (mostly because I don’t know the proper names.  If I find them I’ll update this later and repost), but basically I try to do exercises for my whole body with weights focusing on building muscle mass and strength.  I typically will do 3 reps of 12 with the heaviest weight I can lift at least 6 times.  Once I can do the 12 reps 3 times easily I move on to something heavier.  At the moment I’m stunted in this area because I don’t have alot of weights, weights are expensive, and I don’t have a gym membership, but hopefully once i find some part time work I will be able to fix this.  Do not neglect training your legs.  I think this is a big mistake some fighters make.  If you want to be an MMA fighter you will need strength in your legs to perform submissions and and for ground fighting in general.  Also it will make your kicks far more powerful and deadly.  Don’t kick alot but when you do it will count!

This is the ideal as far as I’m concerned for an amateur, but don’t think you have to stick to this routine rigidly.  You can mix it up and modify it to suit your fitness needs and still gain incredible benefits from it.

Also keep in mind any fitness program must include a diet and healthy living.  (Also another post).  Don’t think you can just work out and be fine.  If you don’t eat right exercise will still be good for you, but if you really want results a strict diet is necessary as well as

That’s it for right now.  More to come next week.

Sambo Leg Lock… A really unusual but effective way to submit an opponent in a MMA bout…


If you use this technique in the ring your opponent will probably never see it coming.  This is why I study all disciplines of the fighting arts.  Every one has something useful and different which makes you more effective as a fighter and more unpredictable.  Sambo is a very good style for learning leg locks and leg submissions.  I can’t wait to try this out.  It’s a lot simpler than many Jui Jitsu techniques and a very quick way to end a fight.  I think that should be the goal in any fight.  End it as quickly and easily as possible.  I would also add to end it with as little damage inflicted as well, but that is not the case in every fight.